Cycle Ride Contact Information

Event organiser

David Haward

  • Telephone: 01437 532293
  • Mobile: 07941 488904
  • Email:

Support / Emergency Numbers

The rides will be supported by a SAG Wagon to give assistance to any participant who encounters a mechanical breakdown or wishes to retire. The SAG Wagon is also available to return participants and their bike back to Narberth, should you prefer not to cycle from the Cresswell Quay. In addition each route will have a motor cycle patrol checking for any problems. Should you encounter any difficulty or wish to retire please advise the event control using the Emergency Number and Contact below. Please enter the details in your mobile now!

Rotary Emergency Contacts

Should you breakdown, require assistance or need to retire please contact the first number below.  If after a number of attempts you fail to make contact, is likely due to limited mobile signal, particularly at the finish.  Should this happen please telephone the Finish Venue, Cresselly Arms on 01646 651210, please give your name and mobile number and ask the staff member to pass the telephone to a Rotarian (Event organisers).   

  • Main Emergency Contact:-  John Sleigh 07889 872981
  • Finish Venue:- Cresselly Arms 01646 651210